I need strength and wisedom

Dear Franziskus im siriously worried and still weak in my habbit of Smoking. I love our Father Allmighty our one and only God with all my Heart. I had several encounters since November 2014 till April 2015 from our Allmighty God. I am a righteous loving caring helping woman and mother and wife but I still am smoking since many years. I dont Drink alcohol at all but I smoke. Please I dont want to go to Hell i want to go to our Father when my Days on earth are counted. Cigarettes relax me somehow and i dont feel ill our Father kept me safe from harm till now but will he keep securing me ? suddenly im confused because a Pastor told me while i was working in Nigeria that I go to hell if I go on with smoking.
Please help me to be in peace with our Lord my soul and body. Lord help me im weak in my flesh.

in Love Christa Aino Marja